We seek to serve all women and families during their transition from pregnancy to birth by empowering them according to personal needs and beliefs while providing exceptional support. 


Improving the birthing process for women and families by creating peaceful, educational and comprehensive birth support and maternity care to all creeds of women throughout the global community.

Peake Women’s Wellness, LLC


 Peake Women’s Wellness, LLC believes that all women despite circumstances that may arise should have the right to a peaceful, non-judgmental, fully educational and supportive birthing process. 


Whether a woman chooses to have a homebirth, medicated birth, waterbirth, natural birth, cesarean, epidural, or hospital birth, she should be supported and most importantly heard. Women have given birth for thousands of years and the majority of the times the woman was supported by other women. This is why we at Peake Women’s Wellness stress the importance of providing a woman-centered care and perspective.  


The process of giving birth is one of the most transformational phases a woman’s body goes through. What the mother and baby experiences during this time eventually impact her community and the society as a whole. We strive to create an oasis of peace and support for mothers and babies that provide nothing short of having positive and loving memorable experiences.



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