Miajenell (Mia) Peake is a native of Memphis, Tennessee but moved to Georgia where she completed high school and graduated college with a double major in Psychology and Women’s Studies from Georgia State University. Shortly after she graduated, she joined the Peace Corps as a health educator in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador. Here, she worked with local women and adolescents to promote awareness on various topics including cultural diversity, bullying, self- esteem, healthy relationships, healthy diet, and healthy hygiene practices. She then moved back to the States (Nashville, TN) to complete her Masters in Public Health and Health Policy at Meharry Medical College.  

Throughout undergrad and graduate school, she has worked as a domestic violence shelter advocate, reproductive health education specialist, and a crisis counselor. She has truely dedicated her career to being of service to women. While completing her masters, she fell completely head over heels with a gentleman from her hometown and now resides in Memphis, Tennessee. Her passion for as long as she can remember has been to be of service to women. Women from all creeds and all backgrounds. She decided to become a doula because she whole-heartedly believes all women and families should have the right to bring a child into the world with the utmost support, education, and peace all in an unbiased non-judgmental environment. She is completely overjoyed to be of service in her very own community!Outside of being a doula, Mia enjoys cooking for her husband, hiking, gardening, watching a wide variety of documentaries and watching Game of Thrones. She governs her life by God, Family and True Purpose.