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    • The Hill Family is expecting a new edition to the family soon! Sophia, the youngest family member, is an inquisitive and extremely literal 5 year old that has a few questions and concerns about the process of birth. In the most humorous way possible, “Mommy is having a WHAT?!”, illustrates the many questions a child, or even an adult might have about birth. Prepare to laugh out loud as Sophia tries her best to understand the process of giving birth in this easy-to-follow  read intended for the curious at heart! With the entire family in mind, this whimsical and educational book was written with the purpose to normalize conversations surrounding birth and the various ways people give birth. From the little ones in your family to the adult looking to gain a better understanding of how to talk about birth with their children, this book is a wonderful resource to have in every household that highlights the diversity, beauty, and excitement of having a baby!  


Mommy is Having A What?! (Paperback)

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